Conjunctival MALT lymphoma

In 2013 I had a very small tumor removed from my right eye, the surgeon said it had a 'tail' that went behind my eye and she couldn't get it all that I would need low beam radiation therapy to remove it all. I was pregnant during the removal, and was not very excited about having radiation post partum. So i decided against it because i was no longer bothered by the tumor in my eye. My biopsy showed it was benign lymphocytes. The tumor grew back, and it is three times bigger, lumpier and it hurts my eye. It itches and burns, and now my eye waters constantly and the white part is red. I went to see the radiation oncologist i was supposed to have seen at the beginning of last year, just last week and he informed me that they did further testing on my tumor and it was a lymphoma. Not one person called to tell me this. They want to do body scans, bone marrow biopsies and biopsy the tumor again. I am freaking out. Has anyone had this in their eye? Had the low beam treatment? I am pregnant again, and think pregnancy aggravates it some how. It gets worse it feels like every day. I don't know what to think :(


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    I have not knowing anyone who has had a tumor in the eye. I wish you lots of good luck.

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    lindary said:


    I have not knowing anyone who has had a tumor in the eye. I wish you lots of good luck.

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)


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    I beleive Sue who is on this site a bunch has had lymphoma in one of her eyes. I'm sure she will respond when she sees this. I'm soooo sory you are going through this while pregnant. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. Stay strong!!!!


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    Hi there,

    I've just been told that a growth in the conjuctivia of my right eye is lymphoma.  I see the ocular oncologist for the first time in two weeks.  I was wondering how your journey progressed.  I'm quite nervous and I'm having trouble finding information or other people with lymphoma in their eye.  I know this is an older post, but I'd love to hear from you.

    Sadie Teacher

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    Outside of the central nervous system, lymphoma is lymphoma

    Lymphoma treatment is 'generally' the same, no matter where it is located. The primary exception being the central nervous system (spinal column and brain). If it is localized to a single area in the body, that opens up te possibility of radiation - but the eye is certainly a complicating issue there. Rather, standard treatment will generally knock the lymphoma out wherever it is located, as it is a cancer of the blood cells and the chemotherapy flows in that same blood. 

    General advice: pathology is critical, as there are two primary types of lymphoma (B and T cell) and they are completely different animals). I would strongly urge a second opinoon on thebiopsy sample. A major research lab should perform this, as they are cutting edge and have the most experience. Then, if you are in the US, a second opinion at an National Cancer Institute designated cancer center can be crucial. Second opinions save lives.