Everolimus - Liver Lesions

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Can anyone tell me if they have experience with Everolimus working on liver lesions?  I have two sizable lesions on my liver, I was taking Inlyta and it shrank my cancer everywhere but my liver.  The liver lesions grew by about 20%.  So they pulled me from Inlyta and put me on Everolimus.  I started the therapy this past Thursday so today will be day #5.  After researching the two drugs (Inlyta and Everolimus) they are produced by different manufacturers and thus have never been clinically trialed together.


Can anyone with experience with Everolimus advise on their thoughts? 


Thank You!


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    For a very small percentage of Everolimus patients (>3%) the results on the liver can be "exceptional".

    I am one of those patients.  This drug as literally saved my life more than once.


    Mine is not a typical response.

    I am chromophobe.  m-TOR inhibitors like Everolimus or Torisel generally do not do very well on clear cell.

    Inlyta is a TKI-inhibitor as is Sutent; Votrient; etc.

    Everolimus can trigger a common, but very serious, side effect called pneumonitis.  If you experience any shortness of breath call your oncologist immediately.

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