Grit and Determination

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Hi friends,

In a prevoius post I mentioned my dear friend who has ALS. This past weekend was her daughters wedding. I have never seen such an amazing example of grit and determination. My friend, bless her heart, managed to stand, using a walker and being held by her husband on one arm and her daughter on the other, and walk with her daughter down the isle. You could see the determination on her face with every step. It was one of the most touching and beautiful things I have ever seen. There wasn't a person there who didn't walk every step with her in their hearts. 

I know this is a cancer discussion board, but I wanted to share it because it is such an amazing example of what we can do when we set our mind to it. How when things seem dark, we can rise up and do more then we ever imagined we could. 

My dear friend is an inspiration. In the face of her horrible disease, she made this memory with her daughter. She spent the rest of the evening in her wheel chair, and was exhausted by the end of the night, but she did it! It was her gift to her daughter. 

When I am afraid and think I can't push just a little more, I will remember her determination and grit and not give up.

Blessing to you all...



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    I often think about...

    what is worse. Cancer is a horrible disease, but often it only effects one part of the body and you have a chance to live a normal life even recover. With those chronic debilitating diseases your whole body and being is effected and no chance to improve ir heal. Not that we have a choice, but I'd rather have cancer than slowly deteriorate with a clear mind. 

    You are a wonderful friend by the way.



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    The human spirit is an

    The human spirit is an amazing thing.  ALS is such a devastating disease.   I am so glad your friend was able to celebrate with her daughter.

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    That's an

    amazing and inspirational story. Your friend was so brave, we can all learn from her.