My TV appearance on a New Zealand Network TV show in support of HPV vaccination

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Here is a link to the video of a TV show which aired on New Zealand network TV last night with my cancer story. (Just copy and paste the text in bold into your browser).My hope was to increase the public awareness regarding the issue of the HPV link to head and neck cancer. Many of us would not have developed our cancers if we'd had access to vaccination. In New Zealand the vaccine is fully funded (free) by the government only for girls and even then the uptake is low. Last year more men in the USA developed HPV related head and neck cancer than women developed cervical cancer. I have a vaccine preventable disease and felt it my duty to get this message across. You'll have to put up with a small advertisment first before the article. If the link doesn't work then google " Sunday TV show NZ" and you'll get to the TV channel's web page.



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    The link worked fine.

    HPV pretty much covered my ticket to this dance.

    Heal on,


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    very good video.  thank you

    very good video.  thank you so much for sharing.


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    Great to get the word out

    More complete information needs to get out to the public and certainly boys need the vaccine.  Head and neck cancer is not only for males as I have found out BOT SCC with mets to lymph node HPV16+.  Working in health care for 35 years, I was very aware of the risk/link of HPV and  cervical cancer but head and neck cancer was never on my radar.  

    Thank you for contributing to prevention while in the midst of your difficult journey.  Keep up the good work and take care,