March 29th 60 Minutes broadcast

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I did not watch this episode of 60 minutes, but learned about it from a coworker. She told me that Duke University has been doing research on the use of the polio virus to treat a terribly aggressive form of brain cancer. By injecting polio into the tumor, an immune system response is sparked that has led to the tumor vanishing!! Well, now, isn 't that wonderful? I believe that cancer will be cured using techniques that awaken the immune system and/or by the use of targeted therapies. Think Herceptin to treat Her2 neu breast cancer.  I also suspect that cancers will be treated in the future not according to the organs involved but by the type of cancer  one has. Let 's say a silent prayer that we all benefit from these innovations in cancer treatment. 

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    I saw it and was fascinated.

    You can pull the segment up on their website.  My doctors have always been of the mindset related to cellular type first, location second.  I am meeting with a clinical researcher who is a Principal Investigator for the NCI and is based at USC Norris to look for further clinical trial options next week. The research team is going to look at all clinical trials out there for the best options based on my genome test results regardless of location.  This is in response to my most recent scan which revealed new growth in two of my metatastic tumors, minimal growth in the third one and stability in the remaining two.  It appears that I am now mutating around the Avastin.  This is all bringing out my inner science geek.  Still working, riding and thriving despite it all.  Hugs to all - Anne

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    This sounds a lot like something my husband read on MSN yesterday about melanoma.  Herpesvirus is being used on that with some success.  My husband had melanoma two years before I got my UPSC so this is good news for us in case he gets it back again.

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    viro therapy


    i saw the information on virotherapy on the show vice,on hbo , and another show, maybe it was also the 60 min one i saw. pbs is having one coming up as well. this therapy is amazing. 

    dr carl june, out of penn med is doing the t cell hiv clinical trials there. in the show. they put the cancer cells under the microscope with the genetically altered virus, and t cells.. the t cells literally attacked the cancer, and ate it , like pac man.

    my firends and i cried watching it.  i felt like i was watching a miracle. if this all goes well, this really could be the way cancer is treated in our very near future. i am with you on the prayer dept for this one. the results have been so  positive, the  fda has agreed to urgent review of studies, if viro therapy proves safe enoughin clinical trials.

    blessings, j