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We're having a pretty tough time with my wifes Mom here who is having throat / lung cancer... Been in 4th stage almost 6 months now. Out oxygen concentrator only goes to a 5.0. This is no longer enough to sustain her. We have 7-8 bottles of 02 delivered here every week now. She had a tracheooscopy 6 weeks ago, and a stomach feeding tube inserted. We have to suction her out every 4-6 hours, also we nebulize and use a air bag to help clean out the C02...

Her Oximeter reading are plunging now more so, that we have to keep increasing the 02 to get her back in the safe range. I guess this is the nature of this disease, and we have no choice. Anyone else have a similar experience, and any advice, other than prepare for the inevitable. She also cannot sleep good anymore, and has these breathing attacks. BP is all over the place. I think we are nearing the end...


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    I'm sorry you are going through this difficult time. You sound like a very loving son-in-law. As stressful as it is right now, in the future you will never regret having taken care of your mother-in-law. If you do not have in home hospice assistance yet, I would really recommend it. Both my mom and m-i-l were on oxygen. My mom especially would feel anxious and short of breath and her b.p. would fluctuate wildly. Hospice helped with both physical and emotional distress. My prayers are with your family.

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    I agree with Mrs.BD, if you

    I agree with Mrs.BD, if you haven't called hospice in do it now. Anxiety gets worse with time and causes them stress, sleepless nights and breathing problems. Hospices main priority is keeping the patient comfortable and relaxed so everyone can enjoy what time they have together. I would have not survived without the help of Hospice when my husband was in his last 4 months.

    Praying for the family.


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    Very sorry to hear this.....

    They do have home concentrators that go to 10 lpm and you should be able to rent one that goes higher than 5.0 Lpm, which is a lot of O2. The bottles get so expencive they had my dad go to a concentrator to save us money. My tank will go to 8.0 LPM but I'm only at 2.0LPM. Not sure how low she is droping to but she needs to be at 90% or above or you get hypoxia. I would make sure she never lies flat and is around 40 degrees. When my lung colasped and I went below 15 Degrees I could not get enought air as my lungs would go flat and when upright gravity helps the lungs stay open.

    I would agree with the others and call Hospice so they can take care of her and you and your wife can just be with her.

    I will keep you all in my prayers.