Swollen voice box after 9 months ?

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Hi there ,


I saw the drs about 3 weeks ago and had a pet scan done. They found a new mark , not near site of cancer, was at back of my nose. They are going to keep an eye on it, they dont seem too concerned. 

My treatment finished about 9 / 10 months ago. The drs told me at my last visiti that my voice box is still swollen , is this normal to still be swollen after all this time ?

I get a sore throat , like a dry sore throat, I find drinking milk helps fix it.





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    Nothing is normal

    with Head and Neck cancer....it's all abi-normal...and we each seem to have our own brand of abinormal.  As far as swelling, inflammation, minor pains....(now that I'm 2/1/2 years out)....I'd expect that 18 months to 2 years everything would pretty much be back to close to normal.  I still get dry throat hurt....not every day, but some days are bad for it, and other days I don't even have it....

    When it comes to recovery it is a LONG road....and the only way to measure it, is by looking back and realizing that regardless of what is happening today, you're better than you were 3 months ago....or 6 months ago.


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    All Normal that is not normal

    I am over two years out and still have a dry mouth and throat.  It comes and goes.  There are times when its not bad at all then other times hurts.  I found the mouth wash for dry mouth helps as do the lozenges.  Also a humidifer in the winter helps.

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    abi normal is just a thing

    My vocal cords were bowed during surgery using the divinci robot...for close to a year and a half, my voice was raspy and whispery..months of speech therepy straightened them. There's so many abi-normal things about head & neck..it will probably take a while for your voice box to adjust