Liver mets: size and number of them?


I'd like to know about liver metastases: both size and number of them, because one surgeon doubts diagnose is ok, how many liver mets do you have and range of sizes? Mom has only 5 liver mets but the size is what calls surgeon attention, the bigger is "central" that is near vena cava 7cm at original diagnose (today it's smaller), the other four were about 4 or 5 cm each, located both left and right parts of liver but not centrally, also smaller today, oncologist didn't say a word about it but he isn't good enough, while surgeon is who operates all liver patients and is the maximum degree here, having the maximum doctorate

original maximum SUV were 12 for central, about 5 or 7 SUV for the others, all at the origianl diagnose on February 2014


do any of you have big metastases in the liver very close or at the side of the aorta or cava?


Which were your numbers (size, quantity, position)? at original diagnose stage IV, or if you were diagnosed for III and went to IV, the IV numbers, thanks


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    When I went

    to stage IV from 3B I had 1 1.6 cm met in lobe 7 discovered with PET and confirmed with CT with and without contrast. It was resected a few weeks later. Path report measured it at 1.9 cm so imaging measurement was off by that much. Hope this helps.


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    Liver tumors

    It's not clear what diagnosis you're trying to understand or dispute, but my liver mets a year ago were initially described by the radiologist from a CT scan as 'innumerable heterogeneous solid masses scattered throughout the liver.  He reported on the largest mass being within the right lobe, likely segment 7, measuring 8.4 cm AP x 6 cm transverse x 8.3 cm cephalocaudal.  The follow up PET scan a couple days later described them as multiple lesions.  Lateral right lobe 9.1 x 5.6 cm with peak SUV 8.84.  Left lobe 8.2 x 7.5 cm with peak SUV 8.73.  They determined the liver was inoperable due to the size, number and location of the tumors and put me on chemo.

    A check midway through chemo showed they shrunk in half.  After chemo they were no longer detected on a PET scan.  Five months after chemo a scan showed 4 tumors were back, the largest being 1.8 cm (locations being in dome near confluence of hepatic veins and vena cava, mid-right lobe, caudate lobe).  I haven't done anything about it yet.