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I am fairly new to this.  Since joining, I been reading other posts, which has been helpful, but have been a little shy about asking my own questions.  I have stage 4 high grade papillary serous endometrial adenocarsinoma that has matastisised several times.  Each time we get it beat down, it finds a new place to hide. Besides surgery and two types of radiation, I have had a total of 15 taxol/carbo chemo treatments plus 2 just taxol.  I developed a reaction to the carbo and Taxol doesn't work for me by itself.  I know the side effects of this treatment and knew each day what to expect.  Now we are trying Doxil and I feel like I am starting at square one.  i had the 1st treatment 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I caught a horrible cold( the worst i have had in years) 2 days after the chemo and was on antibiotics and cough meds, so I don't know what was a side effect of the chemo or the cold. stomach issues and some fatigue I believe came from the cold meds. I developed three different looking rashes on different body parts.  Congestion in my throat does not want to go away.  Fatigue and lightheadedness seems to be getting a little worse even at 3 1/2 weeks post chemo.  My feet burn at night, but I think that is the neuropathy from the Taxol.  What side effects and when in each cycle did the show up for thee rest of you on this chemo?


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    Doxil Input..

    It is my understanding that many tolerate Doxil very well (and no hair loss!).  I went through my first chemo with carboplatin/paclitaxel with no problems.  My oncologist really loaded me up with Decadron before, during, and after chemo and it kept everything at bay.  Doxil hit me like a ton of bricks and we have had to stop for now and aren't sure we can resume, but I found a study that says the symptoms are controlled with Decadron.  I need to heal completely before we decide.  I got mouth ulcers, hand/foot, and a massive chemo burn.  I don't think they had seen anything quite so dramatic, but interestingly, as soon as we got the steroids goingin my system it all started backing off.  I think I am just one of people who need some help to get through.  Not sure.  Good luck!!  Helen

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    I will tell you I had some

    I will tell you I had some pretty bad side effects while taking doxil.Blistering of feet and hands,legs swollen twice their size and the worst indigestion.We had to stop the treatments for 2 months due to the blistering and I had a hospitilization with neutropenic fever. I had to be placed on massive doses of steroids to complete the treatments BUT it worked when nothing else did for me.Just had my 6mo check up yesterday and everything is still looking good and I feel great.Didn't lose my hair with it either. I do have to get cataract surgery due to the steroids but that is suppose to be a pretty easy surgery these days.They can usually tell if  doxil is working after 4 doses so I was scanned at that time and was not going to complete the last 2 doses unless it was working but it was so I toughed it out and I'm so happy that I did.