Deletion 11 CLL

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 Deletion 11q CLL four years ago.  He was treated with chemo for 11 months and acheived remission, however, within 6 months the cancer had returned.  He was put on study medication with no benefit and then on Ibrutinib with severe complications so it had to be

stopped.  Now he is experiencing moderate to severe bone, joint and muscle pain with a new symptom of stomach pain (pretty severe but short lived).

I am extremely concerned and wondered if anyone else has had this kind of difficulty.  I hope you can give me some info.



  • HildaDodd
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    Husband with CLL

    By the way, he is 59 years old with many other health issues.

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    CLL Diagnosis

    Hi everyone, I know the disease has many out comes, but over 23 years ago my Mom was diagnosed with CLL. She never underwent any treatment just careful watching by hemonc both at Sloan Kettering and a Oncologist here in Fort Myers. My mom has other medical issues at 89 years.