Living with 1/2 Kidney for 45 years

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My daughter said that a person she knows has been living with 1/2 kidney for 45 years, having removed 1 1/2 of kidneys previous to that.  Is that possible without some type of dialisis?  My dad is living with 1/2 kidney function in both kidneys due to a drug he took that compromised kidney function.  But if you combine 1/2 kidney function in two kidneys that is still 1 kidney function.  Can you do 1/2 of a kidney all together? 



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    When I had my neph almost 13 years ago they were not doing partials. Taking 1 an1/2 kidneys 45 years ago sounds fishy to me. But what do I know, I am an attorney.




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    I lost my right kidney in

    I lost my right kidney in 2006 due to RCC. In 2012 they removed 1/3 of my left kidney again due to cancer. My kidney function is not the best but holding its own. At some point in the future it may get bad enough for dialysis but I'm praying that is still a few years out. 

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    Right kidney removed 2011 tumor in left kidney removed in 2012 so i guess that would leave me with about 90 percent of one kidney .Last time i had  my creatinine  level checked about 6 months ago it was around 1.3 which is pretty good.