inspired by you guys - need ur opinion

Hello all. Sorry I haven't been posting lately .i am trying to get back on track, to find a job, get healthy....

I was treated in the best, actually the number 1 hospital in my country. Medically speaking they are veryyyy professional and the staff is amazing. But.. I have noticed that i wasn't approached or accompanied by any psychological help from the hospital. Especially that I was a caregiver, my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer only a year before my diagnosis. So I felt that there is a missing thing or a missing psychological support.

Plus patients my age are neglected from NGOs , most NGOs work for children cancer patients. So I felt that the young adult cancer patients, the youth, have no support other than the medical team (medically) and their loved ones.

its this forum that made me stronger because I had support from people who understand my pains and struggles , my loved ones were amazing but they were suffering too.


sooo I decided on starting a support group for youth cancer patients in my country. But I don't know where to start from ! I would love to hear ur suggestions and feedback on this. I value your opinion cz your support during my fight inspired me.


wish u all a painless day.. Sending u hugs and smiles.




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    im talking about NGOs in my

    im talking about NGOs in my country Beirut, Lebanon.

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    Goyca, that is a wonderful

    Goyca, that is a wonderful idea, good for you for taking steps to help others.  I would write/email the ACS and see what they suggest.  Even if they aren't in your country, maybe they know what is and can lead you in the right direction.  i will be praying for you as you take on this new journey and help others.  God bless you for caring and acting.


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    Youth Support

    What you are planning is a great idea. Perhaps the hospital that cared for you would help you set up a group. God bless your endeavor. 

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    What a wonderful idea...........

    What a wonderful idea and a great way to help others. Sometimes when others see how well you did it can and does give them hope and the strength to fight the beast. You have showed them the way, and it can be defeted.


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    thank u

    Thanks Debbie, let me know if you recieved a feedback. sending you hugs.

    MrsBD you are right, i have met with my radiotherpay dr. she is very nice, i told her about the idea, she supports it a lot. But said i should have like a base not just an idea and a proposal to give for the hospital, and its a long process. So i thought i will start it step by step. Gonna start a facebook page and build trust a bit. Then by that i can show the hospital my page and how i am approaching others and the feedback from the followers.


    Wmc, hope you are doing well. this project is a dream, i hope it starts well and continue to a bigger level where i can get funds to help others.








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    There are many people all over the world that need help and support. I find one of the best ways is to get a web-site and build it with links to other sites like CSN and others places that they can get help and support. Always include a like to yourself where you can communicate direct to them. Then just make flyers and post them on buildings and phone post, the massage will get around faster than you believe.


    All the best on your support Group my friend

    Tim Hondo