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going for my throat opening op tomorrow, fingers crossed.


  • thennies61
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    Fingers crossed and prayers

    Fingers crossed and prayers your way

  • debbiejeanne
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    i have this on my calendar JF

    i have this on my calendar JF and i will be praying for you my friend.  I am crossing everything that is a success for you and you are eating like a pig soon.  God bless you,


  • MrsBD
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    Throat Opening

    Blessings! I  hope you'll be enjoying all your favorite foods soon.

  • josh r.
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    With you

    Hi jackflash,

    We are there with you! God bless. josh r.

  • wmc
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    Open says me and may it go smooth.

    Crossed my fingers and toes that it go better than they hoped. Prayers and big mojo for you Jackie.


  • Goyca
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    Goodluck dear :)  fingers

    Goodluck dear :)  fingers crossed

  • Hondo
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    throat opening

    All the best to you my friend, will pray that all goes well




  • sharon 1
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    Throat opening

     I so wish you the best today as you go through your throat opening! What a difference that will make for you. God Bless you and thankyou so much for all your helpful comments when I needed them. You are in my prayers today.

  • jim and i
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    Praying. Debbie

    Praying. Debbie