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So I was admitted to hospital yesterday. Ninth day from first chemo treatment. Had temp up to 102.8. White counts of 1 and low potassium.  Still in hospital today.  Has anyone else had this problem that is getting herceptin, perjeta, carboplatin and taxotere.. It's my first week so very frustrating..  




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    Sorry for your hardship

    Hi Mary

    I hope your conditions will improve quickly and would not need a blood transfusion. You might want to have a discussion with your oncologist as it seems to harsh regimen to me. Maybe one Chemo drug like carbo can be drpped, at least temporary. 

    Sending positive thoughts for your quick recovery

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    Wishing you positive

    Wishing you positive thoughts- 

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    Desmonds1 said:

    Wishing you positive

    Wishing you positive thoughts- 

    You may have to stay away from crowds - and little ones

    I know this sounds impossible by the look of things you have children - limit your expose to crowds - if possible, shop early in the morning ..  Sounds harsh, but germs are not our Friends, escpecially when we are going thru chemo.

    We are told, you may lose your hair while on chemo - thinking this is the only side effort we will be dealing with - we are not prepared for the all the other lovely side efforts that come our way.

    banana's .. and try to implement foods rich in IRON.

    Hoping for stronger, and healthier days for you.

    Vicki Sam