Hypothyroidism and Votrient

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I started Votrient three months ago and have had some fatigue and dry skin. I had my first TSH test on 12/10 and it was 26. My second test was 13 with normal values between 1 and 4.5.  I do sleep a few hours later since I retired 12/31. The doc wanted more than one test before any meds. Are these numbers bad enough for synthroid? What would I expect if I start taking it. By the way my free T4 is in normal low range .88


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    It sounds like you should see

    It sounds like you should see a thyroid specailist also, for a second opinion. Sometimes when you start votrient, the thyroid can become sluggish. Which is a positive sign that it may be working.  Then it can suddenly correct itself as time goes on. If you are not too tired or have other symptoms, you might want to wait a bit and see what happens.  XXOO