Lung biopsy results

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Jim had his lung biopsy on Wed.  Just got the results and it was NO CANCER!  It was a benign granuloma, which means he is NED now for 3 years!  We are so happy and relieved!  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!


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    What a relief, great news for my Friday and NED to boot.  He knocked it out of the park.

    Keep moving forward.



  • wmc
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    That is GREAT news........NED

    You just don't get tired of hearing  NED 

    Those granuloma can scare the heck out of you. [ I've has a spot for 40 years and It scares the Xray tech, so I tell them first] Very glad to hear he is doing so good. May all your tomorrows be even better.


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    Great news

    Sometimes we just need to get those biopsies to hear good news.  NED!!  Go on and enjoy your life.

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    Whoo Hoo!!

    Wonderful!  Stupendous!!  What great GREAT news!  I'm so happy for you, I think I'll do a jig around my kitchen table....and I hope you two did the same.


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    Wonderful news and

    So great to hear not cancer and yet another example of the one truism of this whole business "It'a ain't cancer until PROVEN!" Trilled for you both.

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    tracy, that makes me so

    tracy, that makes me so happy!!  i am doing the happy dance to celebrate!  God bless you.



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    So happy for you!   Ann

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    That's wonderful news!  I was hoping you were going to say that :)

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    Great news!

    Thank you for sharing. 2015 is looking good for you!