Blood clots

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has anyone else has issues with blood clots?  

I had them a couple weeks ago in the elbo of my arm.  Got put on blood thinners and now had to go off the so I can have my port replaced.  Now they are in my arm pit of the same arm.  Yesterday I went to have a shot of a blood thinner.  It worked, nopaw I am swelling again.  Talked with dr. And he said I can wait till tomorrow.  

Just frustrated!   


  • camul
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    I had problems wiyh clots
    They went to my right lung while on Adriamiacin (red devil). I am on Coumadin. Have had trouble staying in a safe zone. Had to change diet, cut out most Vit K. INR drops way low, they do a slight increase one day a week and then blod gets too thin. Last week was the first time in months I am in range. I spent 5nights in the hosp when I got them a year and a half ago.