Checking in

I've not posted in awhile - been sort of taking a break and have been busy with things.  I have a friend going through cancer treatment right now and have been offering what little support I can over the phone.  We plan to visit sometime after he finishes treatment.  He's doing well so far - just anxious to finish as we can all understand.

I hope to catch up on posts soon here.  I hope you are all doing well. 

Foxy says "Hey" :).



  • Sten
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    Hi jimwins,

    It is good to do as you do, to support friends.


  • Rocquie
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    Well, hello there. . .

    Hi Jim and Foxy, nice to see you out and about. 

  • givingrace
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    Hey there Jim!
    Always good to

    Hey there Jim!

    Always good to see you.Glad your friend has you as support . Your a good fellow to help. Foxy seems to be happy too. I just love our furry friends. My miss hazel has been such a joy for me.