Study shows increased survival with aspirin and statin use

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I found this research study to be interesting and thought I should share it with my sisters here.  The study can be accessed by going to   I just started taking a statin drug for high cholesterol so maybe it will be helpful for reducing my chance of a recurrence of uterine cancer.  I wish I knew how much aspirin would be beneficial. 

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    Glad you had a good vacation.  It does wonders for you to get away.  I have been on a  statin and a baby aspirin for probably more than 20 years.  It did not prevent me from getting Cancer, or having recurrences.   Hope you have better luck than I have had.

    keep being positive and researching and sharing your findings.  In peace and caring

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    I read that abstract several

    I read that abstract several times and while I may be just confused, but I don't know where they get that statin use improved survivability.  HS (high cholesterol taking statins) and HNS (high cholesterol Not taking statins) both had higher survival rates than those with normal cholesterol levels.  This says having higher cholesterol was protective, not whether or not you took statins.

    Now the aspirin thing is another story. Other studies have shown that aspirin use does not cut the risk of cancer in MOST cases (it does with Lynch syndrome).  What it does do is lengthen the time between having that first and subsequent heart attack. So, you really are looking at a study that covered heart disease.  My oncologist explained that when they consider deaths in cancer studies, they don't exclude deaths caused by other medical issues.  So, the person might have died of the flu, or something else not related to cancer, but they didn't survive. Only death by accident (i.e. car crash) would be excluded.

    The advantage of this study though, is that it involved only women. Most of the studies on cancer and heart disease do not include women - women were just given the same recommendation as men and they have since found out that this is not supported by studies that do include a lot of women.


    As with most heart disease, the current recommendation is 81 mg aspirin daily.  I'd go with that.  Now, with Lynch Syndrome, the recommendation is 2 - 325 mg. tablets daily.  This can be a hazard for some people, especially as you get older. Really, anything more than the 81 mg should be flown by your doctor if you are over 55.  Bring a copy of your abstract as a starting point to discuss the best recommended dosage.  He might be able to actually access the study to find out what dosage the patients in the study were using.