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Hi everyone..went to see my surgen for my bi monthly check up.He said everything is healing nicely and the swelling with the tounge flap is just about gone.Can feel hot and cold which he said was a good sign.But still don't have much feeling along sides of face.It's more of a numb feeling now instead of nothing.He told me alot of what is going on is do to the radition treatments and could take up to two yrs for things to get normal.But can move my tounge alot more as time goes by.Now the better part. He is sending me to a denist to make up some customized teeth.He is hoping that I will be able to get some that he said he would have to workon with then denist.He said he will cut along the gum lines to form a pocket to set the teeth in and will the sew them into gums and jaw.I have never heard of this.Has anyone ?? I'm pretty sure it's the bottom teeth where they tied the tounge flap to and make normal dentures on top with a thicker platte to help the tounge move the food down throat and with speach so the tounge can hit the top and form words alittle better.


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    I don't know anything about the teeth.

    I had a neck disection on right side in 2007.  I am still numb on part of my face, my neck, chest, shoulder.  Cannot feel hot or cold or pin pricks (or kisses),  I can feel some pressure.

    In 2014, I had another neck dissection on the left (nothing left on the right to disect except for the tumor).  This time, I can feel stuff, but it feels tender all the time.

    Gool luck with the new teeth!


    2007 & 2014

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    Merry Christmas

    I was unable to wear my dentures for a year after my surgery, then I had to have new made because of the changes. Your dentist's concept sounds new, I've never heard of that treatment, but, if it works, that's what counts. 

    I am 3 years, 1 month out from di vinci robotic surgery to remove my cancerous epiglottis, under my chin and along my outside cheeks to behind my ears is numb..I've just gotten use to it, small price to pay for life.

    Best of luck in your continued journey, may the New Year bring many blessings and good health