My first oncology appt

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I had my first oncology appt yesterday ( still can't really believe it).  I must say, I was so impressed with my new Dr.  She was aware of my medical history and had spoken to the radiologist about my biopsy results - stage II, triple negative, grade 3 IDC.  She spent over 1 1/2 hours with me, collecting history, educating me and discussing treatment options.  Before I left her office, she gave me her email and asked me to send her an email when I got home.  She told me she would consult with the surgeon and contact MRI techs and begin to schedule some tests ( blood work, genetic testing, MRI and Echo) before my appt with the surgeon on the 6th of January.  By 8:00 PM, she had responded to my email and had addressed the issues she promised.  I got a call today to advise me that she felt I should be seen sooner than the 6th and that a surgeon from the UAMC Cancer Center would come in to see me next Tuesday at 2:00.  Things are moving much more quickly than I originally anticipated!!  Can someone please stop this roller coaster so I can get off????

 I did follow some of your suggestions.  I took a friend with me and recorded the session on my phone.  Haven't lustened to it yet as I'm still reeling from the information overload.  I also attended a support group today.  It was nice to be with others who understand what your going through but it was quite an eye opener.  Athough I was there for the first tine I felt welcomed and supported.  I also got to attend the holiday party offered at the hospitals radiation oncology department.  


What a crazy month I have had...learned on Nov. 18th that my mammo found a mass!!


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    thanks for posting

    Thanks for posting, good to hear that you have such a good oncologist and that she was able to get you into the surgeon sooner and that you'll be having an MRI. I remember that whirlwind period, it does settle down. Do whatever works for you to relax - yoga? walking? prayer? Let us know how the appointment goes with the surgeon.

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    Glad you have such support

    I think it's wonderful you found such a good medical team. And fast is good, that's the way to stop the beast in its tracks! Hope you have as nice a Christmas as you can under the circumstances. Peace, Anna

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    good to hear from



    good to hear from you...crazy month for sure...


    Great you took a friend, for extra set of ears. I did that as well-i can remember 70% of my appt but then wham "he said something" from that point it was a blur. Thankfully my friend took it all in.


    I also used a diarly-I thought goofy at the start of it all but in hindsight-it was a great help.