AMS 800 Artificial Urinary Sphincter

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10 days post AMS 800 activation and now wear only one pad per day; down from 8 pad a day minimum during past 26 months. Even had to wear Depends to hold the pad/guard. Problems associated with intrinsic urinary sphincter/gravitational incontinence: now vanished. No more having to change pads every 90-120 minutes. No more worrying about whether others could smell pee-pee. No more making sure I limit fluid intake at key times of the day or night. No more making sure I have a pad in back pocket, extra pad in front pocket, pads in the back pack. Feel like I have my life back. The one pad per day is necessary for coughs, sneezes, physical exertion, etc. and so far has only been 30-40% full after 14-16 hours. Can I get an AAAAA-MEN!!!? I will say the post-op 6 week wait for activation was challenging at times. Felt like I had lost in a bad brawl. Still tender in the private places. But got no complaints. Getting a bit better each day. As Brooks-n-Dunn said, “I’m a brand new mannnnnnnn!”


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    Congratulations, chewbydo.  After what you've been through for the 26 months, having a functioning AMS800 must feel like having your life back.  I went ten years with a 2.3 pads per day leakage after prostatectomy, then decided to have the AMS800 surgery.  It wasn't easy but it was worth the effort.  Used only a liner and it was seldom wet at the end of the day.   Unfortunately, my artificial sphincter failed after eighteen months of flawless performance.  Went to bed one night with a working system and got out of bed to a gush of urine. It was obvious that the hydraulic system had lost it's fluid.  That was confirmed this past week.  The ultra-sound could not find the balloon indicating that it was empty of fluid.  And, the cystoscopy showed no movement of the cuff when the surgeon tried to reactivate the system.  She said that she would have to remove the current AMS800 and replace it with a new unit.  While doing that she will try to find out where the leakage occurred.  I believe she thought I might forego a second surgery now at age 83.  Not on your life, it's now scheduled for January 14.  There will be another painful aftermath, but at least I will have been through it before.  So enjoy your new life.  Hopefully you will have a long run. 

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    Congratulations chewbydo!

    It IS a gamechanger!  You now have your 'normal' day-to-day life back.  Make the most of it.

    I know that I've worked hard to make the most of mine, since I received my AMS 800 (implanted on 1/9/2013).  No regrets, whatsoever.

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    AMS 800 Just Great

    I go back to 2010, one year after my prostatectomy and just before RT. As those that have been there know, the post op is not fun. Black and Blue, swollen like a grapefruit, movement difficult, but four and one half years later, it is the best thing I ever did. it gave me my life back, after dealing with incontinence for a year and all that it entails. There is a thread back in the years following 2010 where I was emploring Trew to do the same as soon as he could. He was finally able, after having to clear some other complications, and I recall his experience was equally life changing.

    Thank God for the AMS 800