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There doesnt seem to much traffic here since William & Loretta were forced out. Ive posted 2 topics and only got 1 response.  So, for that reason I will probally be like the rest of the members who just faded away. To bad alot of informed people and knowledge have gone with them.

So, good luck to the few that remain,  and to any new members you might get here.



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    william & loretta

    i have noticed that to lee. i've been on here since my father got this terrible beast 5 yrs ago and has now gone to his glory. its very sad, william was so helpful to so many on here. i feel bad that they haven't gotten to share in his wisdom. i feel the same. i too wish luck to those that remain. and sorry that this site has gotten so closed minded. I thank paul for his wisdom and kindness.  take care, and my prayers and thoughts are will those in need.

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    May I ask why they were

    May I ask why they were "forced out"?