You're always on my mind

Three years and twelve days ago, I was where many of you are today...scared, confused and waiting to go into the operating room at The James in Columbus,Ohio. I had been diagnosed in September with a mass ( cancerous ) on my epiglottis and my team, along with myself and family, had chosen to have it removed. I knew there was a chance of more cancer in my nodes, and that chemo and radiation would be necessary, if so. The surgery done by my awesome,wonderful surgeon and his team, used the di vinci robot. 9 hours later, I was back in my room, and thus began the healing to where I am today~~3 years and 12 days..NED.

I just want to let you all know, my fellow warriors and all the new names I see on this can do this and live a life that's normal for you. 

I don't post much now, but, I check the board often and pray for each and everyone of you..keep your faith, trust your medical team, and follow all instructions..the path may seem unbearable, but the road is wide and you will soon be at the end. 

Hopefully, some day, we can all look at this board and there will be no new names..a cure..until then, keep fighting the fight and win the battle.


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    Thank you, and what a wonderful thought..........

    I would be nice to look at this board and no new names needed to be added. With some of the progress I hope to at least see fewer names that need to be here, until then we'll just keep trying to support those that do. I enjoyed your post.

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    Your post is beautiful.   

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    just want to say hi  and it

    just want to say hi  and it was good to see your post.  a very encouraging post and obviously heartfelt.  i'm glad you are doing well and living life.  thanks for stopping in.

    God bless you,