complex renal cyst 11cm in the left kidney

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Hi there,

I have just know that I have complex renal cyst after doing CT scan. Suffered from low back pain which was vey severe few days ago,fever and slight haematuria, been admitted to the hospital where I did the CT. There is no metastases ,only few local lymph nodes. I am 60 years old. I have very little information about my case. Any help please. Thank you


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    Complex cyst!

    Hi Maha, Sorry to hear about your complex cyst, when do you see the surgeon to discuss treatment? He will let you know what type of surgery would be best for you, and whether they can save any of your kidney. They won't have all the full information on the growth until they have the biopsy done, which is normally post op. Try not to go worrying yourself crazy wait to have all the information in first.

    Let us know how things progress and where you are with treatments:)