Any Folks working w/ MD Anderson? Oh and Juicers


Gut tells me I've seen one or more folks here that interacted with MD Anderson as primary or consult.  Heading there this weekend for a 5 day oncology work-up.  Hoping to get some pointers from anyone with experience. 

Maybe two years back there was a multiple day/month thread about juicing and juicers.... which one came out on the top????  (Yep, back in the Pete days... but worth asking the question!!!)

Happy Tuesday!



  • thxmiker
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    I use the Omega Upright.  It

    I use the Omega Upright.  It is not terribly expensive, quiet, and does not heat up the produce. The Omegas have a 10 year waranty.  A friend whom has been juicing for many years swears by the Breville. He said they last.  We have had two other juicers, they were loud and did not last long.  The inexpensive juicers are a risk.


    Best Always,   mike


    PS Let us know how your appointment wiith MD Anderson goes.  I have an appointment in the middle of December. 

  • janderson1964
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    I flew out there last month

    I flew out there last month for a consult and to get in thier system. They said I am stable and to stay my current course, but they are there if I need them in the future.