Been a while - some positive updates


Hi all... It's been a while since I've posted. I was trying to stay away from the internet for a bit and it's helpful with not freaking myself out. 

My dad is doing well so far. He had two different types of cancer - rectal and colon, but the rectal disappeared. Yes, they can't find the primary tumor or the mets anymore both with physical exams and scans. In fact, the doctors look every time because they are still a bit shocked. 

The primary colon tumor is still there along with 2 small lung mets, which were there before. Theh are hanging around for now. 

Next step is surgery. He cant wait to get the stent out of his colon because it causes him major issues... But we don't know which surgery will be done first.

The only other strange thing is his thyroid keeps going up and down, but they arent concerned with that - probably due to medications and such. 

I do wish that he could gain some weight, though. He's always been naturally thin and he's never been one to gain weight, so that's a challenge. He was gaining weight nicely until the diarrhea started after radiation, but then that happened.

Figured id give everybody a positive (i think it's positive) post on this very chilly Friday night.


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    Thank you for the positive

    Thank you for the positive update. We need it with all of the losses here this week.