feeling lost/ hopless

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how can i get over the anger and sadness that i feel?  I have had nothing but problems since the reconstruction surgery and no longer know what to do. i am so disappointed with everything.  nothing makes me happy anymore and i find no joy in anything at all


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    been there

    Still there in some ways. Tell your docs.  There is a cancer therapist on my team.  They can understand exactly how you are feeling and have the tools to help you.  You need to tell them so you can feel like you again.

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    You are not alone.

    When cancer strikes it seems that everyone and everything is focused on getting rid of the cancer.  That's great, however I believe that we are left in psychological hell.  I don't understand how doctors can simply treat the cancer without warning us about what it can do to us mentally.  Please seek help!  You need to talk to a professional who can help you off the ledge.  My diagnosis put me into a depression that I thought I would never get out of, but I did!  I saw a counselor and went on antidepressants for a while and I got my life back.  Please don't suffer a moment more than you have to.  It will get better, but you need help.  Please ask for it!!  

    Sending hugs your way,


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    Alot of us has felt this way---PLease seek help

    Lulu, first you have to help yourself and see a therapist. Please tell your surgeon or ONC how you feel and they can help you find one. You sound as if you have lost all hope but let me tell you something. You can be happy again and find joy in your life if you seek help. I had a BMX and did not have reconstruction due to the same reason you are having. I have heard about alot of people that only have trouble. Maybe you can reconsider and have them removed since this seems like the problem you are having. Please seek medical advice and talk to someone. I want to hear from you later to see how you are doing. If you see a therapist I know you will be happy and have joy in your life again.  ((((( HUGS )))))  Pixie Dust

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    Give yourself time

    I was angry for a long time too. I was always an avid athlete, organic diet, breastfed two kids, didn't smoke. I would look at obese people smoking on the beach and think "Why me?". I realized finally how pointless that is. I wouldn't wish what I went thru on my worst enemy anyway. When I am having a bad day, I think "Well, at least I am having a day." That has helped me. I had a radical matectomy two years ago, and have chosen not to have reconstruction. I think you need to get help from your doctors to resolve your situation one way or another. Things will get better. I always say that at least I have all my limbs. The best advice I received from a fellow patient was that it takes a good two years to get over the grief. Give yourself time to get through it. Stay around positive people and enjoy nature (walks etc). You can do this!!! Hugs, Anna

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    so sorry to hear. I have not

    so sorry to hear. I have not dealt with anything like t his...but with ohter terrible/ bad times I kept a journal thinking it was silly/ goofy but now in  hind sight it was VERY helpful.



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    If its any comfort at all know that you are not alone. I love this site for so many many reasons but in times like this wish we could be there in person for one another. As was suggested please do call a doctor, friend or family who can refer you to someone who can help in your area. We all deserve to feel joy and happiness in spite of the challenges we face, but sometimes it just seems so out of reach so we need to ask for help.

    Please know that I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear how you are doing soon.


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    No Fair LuLu......you come on here on Oct 4th...and then all these great gals give you lots of great advice and you don't come back to read it..............Come on girl........we are here for YOU.....  YOU CAN DO THIS***

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    GlowMore said:


    No Fair LuLu......you come on here on Oct 4th...and then all these great gals give you lots of great advice and you don't come back to read it..............Come on girl........we are here for YOU.....  YOU CAN DO THIS***

    Oh Dear Lulu

    Oh Lulu, what can I say but I feel the same.  The only thing that brings me peace and some hope is being in this forum, reading what all these dear angels are going thru and I feel a certain strength.  I also have my daytime, nightime and anytime conversation with our Lord.  I pray for all of us and I FEEL SOOO MUCH BETTER!!!.  Please try and reach out to any one of us and please don't give up.  We're always here for you.  God be with you

    Mary-Orlando, FL