Urinary tract infections

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Background:  Right total nephrectomy 9/2013, clear cell, stage II (tumor size 7.5 cm), clear margins on path.  CT scan of chest, abdomen & pelvis 3/2014 NED.  CT scan of abdomen and chest x-ray 9/2014 NED.

This afternoon I saw my primary care doctor.  I told her that, just today, I felt the start of some pressure in my bladder area, just like the start of a UTI.  They did a dipstick and said it showed some leukocytes, no blood, no protein.   She said she would do a culture.    Just a short time ago at home, I thought I would test my urine; I have dipsticks.  My dipstick shows quite a lot of leukocytes and a lot of blood.   Of course, it is after hours now so I can't call but plan to in the morning to make sure they did a culture and didn't throw out my specimen as it was given before the appointment.

I have had several UTIs and never showed blood, except for the very first one I had about 7years ago.   I didn't know what the pain was from until a few days had passed and blood showed up in the urine and I had very bad pain.   Doctor told me I had a "wicked UTI."  Antibiotics cleared it.

My question is have you had blood show up with a UTI?  On one hand, I am worried as that can be a sign of recurrent kidney cancer; on the other hand, I checked out NED just two months ago. 





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    Yes very possible. Whenever

    Yes very possible. Whenever my mom get a uti or bladder infection the urine is the color of beet juice....always. So I wouldn't worry to much about that.

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    My mom has a concurrent UTI

    My mom has a concurrent UTI since she had her kidney removed. And yes, blood as well.  If you want to be sure, they can always do an ultra sound in the office to check your stomach/pelvis.  But it most likely is a uti.  I had to buy D-Mannose for my mom because the antibiotics just stopped working and they are causing more issues for her. 


    This is what she is taking and feeling much better. The stick came out clear...