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My dad - who is 77 - did well with an esophagectomy in July; he developed an infection in the spine (we're assuming from the epidural), though, which has turned into a blood infection.  The infection has impacted his heart, so he is being treated in hospital for heart failure, which in turn, has caused kidney failure.  They are working to balance all of these issues, but does anyone have any advice on this or experiences post-esophagectomy that can help?  We are completely drained and I don't know how to help my dad right now.  I'm so worried about his emotional and psychological state.  He is having panic attacks on top of everything else. To have gone through chemo and radiation and such an enormous surgery and now be dealing with all of this. This is devastating.  Thank you for any words. 


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    I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad's current situation

    Your Dad certainly has had some challenges after his esophagectomy. I know how it feels to be past what you thought was the most significant challenge; the surgery, only to find another challenge in front of you. I had the misfortune to get a massive hospital acquired infection in the incisions from my surgery. All my incisions had to be re-opened and the healing process took almost six months. I know your Dad must be frustrated and anxious, not knowing what is coming next, or how long it will take for these issues to resolve.

    I wish I had some positive suggestions to offer. I hope someone else here has some experience in this area and can offer some suggestions or encouragement.

    It does sound like he is in the best place right now to get the attention and the assistance that he needs. I know things seem dark right now but these things have a way of resolving themselves over time.

    Wishing your Dad the best,

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