CT results now what?

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I have been a snowbird for the last 3 years and found out I had cancer while in Florida.  I had a partial robotic nephrectomy in March while still in Florida.  We aren't going to Florida this winter so I had my 6 month scan done here in Michigan and got the written results today.  The results show 6 less then 5mm nonspecific nodules in lower lungs.  It also showed a 2.0x1.0 cm subtle hyperdense masslike region within the right lobe of the liver inferiorly.


Now what?  I don't know what doctor to see.  


Thanks for any help.





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    Start with your GP


    By itself nodules under 8mm in the lung are nothing to worry about. They do however provide a baseline as to whether there is any growth 6 months or a year from now. In fact if you had only a chest xray nodules under 5mm would not have shown up.

    As for that little buggar on the liver that is above my pay grade and hopefully others with more  knowledge will chime in.



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    I would probably get an oncologist

    Since you did have cancer, I'd skip a GP and try to get a referral right away with an oncologist, the best RCC specialist you can. That way a specialist can look your scans over and give solid recommendations. That is my opinion, and what I would do if was my (or my husband). Wishing you good thoughts!!!

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    You should be under the care of an RCC specialist

    Without knowing the size of your primary tumor or its histology I still advise that you get yourself under the care of a renal cancer specialist ASAP.

    It seems likely that you have a lesion developing in your liver.  If so, there are several different approaches - all of which need to be supervised by an experienced renal oncologist.  He likely will then recommend you see an Interventional Radiologist to discuss these options.