Gerson Cancer Therapy Question

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My wife was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Colon Cancer.   Has anyone out there used the Gerson Cancer Therapy out of Mexico?

If so, could you tell us about the experience and the overall results.




  • Nana b
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    I've researched it in depth

    I've researched it in depth and may be heading that way soon. 95% cure rate but takes two years. Some get there sooner. On vacation will post more later.   Really about self control to follow the diet. 

  • thxmiker
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    I would consider New Hope

    I would consider New Hope Unlimited out of Phoenix also.   New Hope is a more modern approach to Gerson Therapy.  New Hope is one price nd there are no add-ons. I reallly liked the no surprises and no hidden expenses.  New Hope also has a lot of free information on their web site. I have a friend that had very good success at New Hope also.   It is still a consideration for me.   There is also a Gerson  Therapy in Sedona, AZ.


    Best Always,   mike