Adenocarcinoma Ethmoid Questions


Hi All!

My doctor strongly suggested I have this cancer but won't know for sure until full pathology report is delivered & MRI is done next week. Any survivors here that can describe what to expect if the doctor's suspicion is realized?   (I had a nasal polyp, got CT-scan which showed nothing, but Dr. found tumor upon removing polyp. He said it's about nickel-sized and still restricted to right nostril -appeared it would be easy enough to remove other than location is ethmoid.) I know this is a little premature but the Dr. has a good reputation and experience, so I'm believing he can pretty much 'eyeball' this.


  • Hondo
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    Hi bcrose

    I had a different C mine was NPC, in the same area just a little lower down. For now try not to worry, I know that is hard to do but keep focus on something else, as we say it is not C until the doctor tells you it is C. Then if it is C listen to all he is going to tell you, a good doctor will explain everything and what he does not tell you, you will find help here on CSN H&N.

    Tim Hondo