Wanting to connect with PCa survivors


Hello. I am wanting to connect with prostate cancer survivors. I had HIFU 8 months ago. I'm in no support group and thought this site might meet that need. I was hoping there would be a lively chat room but seems no one is there. I'd like to discuss life post prostate cancer. Men who had HIFU would have more in common with me but I'll chat or correspond with anyone. Leave me a message and I'll check this from time to time. Suggest how to make contact in a safe discreet way. Thanks. 



  • hopeful and optimistic
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    If you have interest in attending a local support group, there is an international organization called USTOO. You can google; there may be a local support group near where you live.

    For the most part, we at this site are prostate cancer survivors. Generally we post here as you have, and we give input.

    Eventhough, I am in an Active Surveilance protocol I am  familar with HIFU. Others are as well.

    Please feel free to comment here on the board as you wish.


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    Details would be interesting

    High-Intesity Focused Ultrasound hasn't been approved in the USA for the treatment of prostate cancer, although it has found wide acceptance in Europe, I gather.

    Where are you located and what was the reasoning for choosing HIFU?

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    I've heard of folks traveling

    I've heard of folks traveling to Bermuda for HIFU treatment there, but I know virtually nothing about it.

    I'd love to hear more about your experience.  Are you happy with it?  How is it done, what are the side-effects, what is the efficacy, etc?