chemo maintenance


get my 12th treatment this mon folfox with advistan, my dr told me today after ct scan go on advistan and one  other in pill form every 3 weeks for 6 mths my last scan came back clear, i know they want to make sure but i just don't know. yolllmbs they knocked off oxi for the last one


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    My doctor is adjusting every treatment now. I'm going for the 10th round next week. I've only been on folfox. I haven't taken any other combos. Congratulations on getting the 12th treatment!  The side effects have been tougher this round. The biggest change has been the neuropathy. My oncologist said he wanted to wait 6 months after chemo to do cat scan and another colonoscopy. He said for my type of cancer the cat scan is more useful than the pet scan. I'm a little nervous waiting that long.



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    Start with...

    3 month intervals and fade to 6 when you're comfortable. I've never minded colonoscopies, we're asleep anyway, right? If the insurance doesn't pay they run around 800.00. Hope this helps!