Only urine comes out everytime with jaculation after prostate removal with DiVinci 6 months ago.


My doc seems to be a bit baffled. Anyone have this or know anything about this.


  • tarhoosier
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    This condition is common after surgical removal of the prostate gland. The prostate provides fluid to semen during normal ejaculation. After prostate removal the pathway for semen to the urethra, and then outward, has been removed. The surgery also removes one of the two muscular sphincters natural to a man. The sphincter removed is the one that normally holds urine in the bladder while semen is ejaculated at climax. With this sphincter removed any urine in the bladder may leave when climax is achieved. It is common enough that any surgical urologist should know of it. A family physician may be unaware. If you research climacturia you will find some information about how to reduce the issue.