Kidney Masses

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Last year after watching my kidney mass change shape and then suddenly grow at a rapid pace I elected to have the mass removed. It was taken from the top of my left kidney and came back as not cancerous. They told me that I shouldn't have any more masses on my left kidney. One year later I had a ct for abdomen pain and nasuea and it came back that i had a kidney lesion. I had an ultra sound and during the test the tech said she needed to speak with her boss and see my ct scan. My doctor has scheduled an MRI and said the ultra sound showed a complex cyst. Does anyone know if they can do another partial nephrectomy or will they have to remove my left kidney? This complex cyst is on the middle of my kidney if this helps. Thanks


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    Ask the surgeon



    While I suspect the answer is no, this is a question that should be direected to your doctor. These are my thoughts.



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    I fully agree with Icemantoo to ask a doctor that specific question.

    To many variables to give a good comment. And most of us aren't doctors Wink

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    Ask a good surgeon

    Agreeing with what everybody else wrote. You don't want our advice on this.

    You want advice from a good urologist. There may be other procedures they can do besides remove the kidney to save you kidney function. It all depends on how big it is and where it is. There's a couple of techniques for zapping it with heat or freezing it to get rid of it (but if they need a pathologist to look at it to make sure it isn't cancer, these aren't options). They might be able to do another partial.

    You may want to urologist shop. Some of these techniques require special training and skill, but a doctor who doesn't do them will only recommend what he/she does do. Many docs won't send you to someone else for another opinion. You have to do that yourself. If they don't like you getting another opinion, I'd dump them immediately. That's the best indication of a bad doctor (one that doesn't like you getting other opinions).

    Unless you're really sure of your urologist. On my urologist, I didn't look around. The one I chose was head of the urology department at a top medical school (and he was a urologic oncologist) so I felt good about his opinion. Also, he mentioned getting advice from others on whether or not a partial could be done (it could not) so I felt like he had asked for advice himself, and that made me feel very good about his opinion.

    However, for oncologists, I sought out 3 opinions and was glad I did. They did not all agree.