Ct revealed 5 new nodules...

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Just got results of ct scan last week, 2 upper left lobe nodules, 1 lower left and 2 right middle lobe nodules. History of primary liver cancer(twice), no previous nodule history, I am 64 year old male and previous smoker(35 years ago). 2mm -5mm in size. The radiologist suggested a rescan in 6 months. Not comfortable with this approach and would like to hear from others on this forum as to your opinions. I usually post to the liver forums so I knew to come here for help.


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    Well my story is , on a ramdon ct for heart the scan picked up a 8.7 mm SPN . So the dr ordered a PET/CT scan to see if this was something that had traveled from anoughter site , well the  pet/ct was neg and they told me I could do a wait and see if it grew and scan every 3 mts for 2 yrs . I did not want all the scans so asked if it could be removed s I would know FOR SURE IT WAS CANCER OR NOT. The dr said he would remove it thru VATS , so they marked this nodule with a mrico coil before surgery ( because of small nodule size) they are easy to miss , so this helps locate it . It turned out to be a lymph node surrounded by scar tissue , no cancer.WHEW! My only concern was it was 8.7mm when it was seen on the scan and it was 4mm when removed so I was concerned that they missed the nodule , but when the path dr was asked why the different size he said it was surrounded by scar tissue. So all things considered I am glad it is out but it was a big surgery, most people would choose different . Cancer is a big deal . My mother died of lung cancer she was a smoker . So do all the research you can do ,do. Just remember that it does not have to be cancer . Of course most of all be ok with what ever you decide you need to be at peace with what ever you decide . Hope this helps HUGS

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    Those nodules...

    Are too small to biopsy.  At that size other are just as likely to miss it, even using ct or MRI to guide them.  With your history ask for a redo of the ct at three months.  Please know that most nodules resolve themselves (95%).   

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    Thanks for the replies, I

    Thanks for the replies, I have asked for a rescan at 3 months as a minimum but did request a PET to hopefully rule out cancer. I am receiving care through the VA healthcare system so we will see what happens. Having been through primary liver cancer, having my liver resected and a subsequent recurrence 3 years later, I am happy to just be here everyday so whatever they find out I can deal with it. Hopefully they simply resolve themselves and nothing else. Cool