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Hi all!


I'm going in to have a port a cath put in on Friday before I start chemo because my veins are pretty shot, and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on what to expect with the procedure/recovery/pain etc..





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    I had a port put in before I

    I had a port put in before I started chemo.  It was located just below my collarbone on my right side.  It was put in by my surgeon.  I was "put under" for the procedure.  After I came to back in one of the rooms, then an xray was taken of it to be sure it was ready.  I was home before noon that day.

    I can't say that it was painful or anything major, although I think I had to be somewhat careful about things for about a day.

    My port was used for chemo.  Because I went to the same place for blood draws, my port was used for that too.

    Ny port was rather easily removed.  That time the doctor just gave me some shots t numb the area and went to work.  He made his cut as close to the original as possible.  That did not take long, either. 

    My port sometimes did not want to cooperate (which became a running joke between me, my nurse, and my travel buddy for the day).  Regardless, it did work for me.  I am sure it made part of the process of having chemo very manageable.

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    port placement

    My port was placed in xray by the radiologist who specializes in stuff like that. They usually just numb the skin up and give the patient a little IV sedation and pain medicine. I had a reunion I wanted to attend that afternoon and didn't want to be drugged up, so skipped the IV part. They had the IV medicine ready in case I changed my mind, yes I could feel tugging and pulling as he worked but I feel that at the dentist too. Afterwards they took me to an outpatient room, I had lunch and left, took some Tylenol for when the "novacaine" worn off and headed off for my reunion.

    Had to keep the port site dry for a few days while it healed. couldn't lay on my stomach for awhile cuz it was tender. Also helped to use my little 6" pillow as a cushion under the seatbelt when I was a passenger (mine was also under my clavicle on the right side).

    The more the port is used for blood draws, the greater the chance of having problems with it clotting off and needing to declot it, and sometimes they can't get the clots out and it has to be pulled. The lab techs have been able to draw my blood from my veins without any problem, so I've been using my port only for the actual chemo infusions.

    Ask for a prescription for the numbing cream to use before they poke the needle into your port for your chemo infusions. About 1 to 1 - 1/2 hrs before they're going to poke you, put a GLOB of cream on the port site, tape plastic wrap over it (just enuf to cover the port, if the wrap is too large the cream will slide off). I have NO pain when they poke the needle into the port, and I've read others say than can be rather uncomfortable without the cream.

    Wash your hands well anytime you're working with the port site, don't want to get an infection.