MODERATOR I do not authorize the deletion of About Me Page or Posts

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While going before surgery I've authorized the hospital, doctors and staff to DNR.  I am requesting now, and my husband and children are aware of this request, that you DO NOT remove my content from this board.  I believe my story is beneficial to others going through this and believe you should respect my wishes.  My "About Me" page has my story and I should be remembered for where I came from and where I ended up at.  Please reconsider your deletion of any further members unless a family member suggests it.  Thank you for your consideration.



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    Me too, in the event of my

    Me too, in the event of my death, please don't delete my posts or profile. 


    Thank you. 

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    Me too

    You can just add to my page a respectful mention of my passing and I asked to have it remain up.

    Thank You

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    I would prefer this too.


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    I would prefer this too.




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    Hi All,
    Thank you for adding

    Hi All,

    Thank you for adding to the discussion on how you would like the community here to exist. As stated earlier in this thread, member’s discussion board posts are not removed or deleted automatically upon their passing. This means that content posted to the discussion boards by our members is always available for others to read, regardless of whether they are still active members. When one of our members passes on, their accounts are de-activated. This de-activation is important not only for the security of the user, but it also ensures that no one else can log-in as the deceased member. In the past we have had well-meaning family members log in under old accounts and it was extremely upsetting to the community to see the user name of their deceased friend posting again. Unfortunately, due to system constraints beyond our control, this means that their profiles are no longer visible. At this time, this is not a feature we are able to alter on the website, but perhaps in the future it will be.

    We are closing this thread as the ability to keep profiles visible is unfortunately beyond the website's current capabilities. The other thread on this subject will remain open for further discussion. Your input is valued and we have included this suggestion in a list of site improvements we hope to someday implement.


    Best Regards,


    CSN Support Team