Phyllodes tumor

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Wondering if anyone has had recent experience with a phyllodes tumor. I had one removed in right breast 2/2014. It was benign and clear margins were obtained. I am due for a routine follow up in August, and have just found another lump in my left breast. Has anyone out there had ecperience with getting phyllodes tumors in both breasts? 


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    I am glad it was benign. Please use search function, you can find old posts. it is rare form.

    Good luck

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    I had a Phyllodes removed

    I had a Phyllodes removed June 27th.  They were sure for 2 years it was a fibro... alas, nope! Crappy positive margins though, but surgeon is choosing to do nothing, and wait for a mammo in Jan. 

    No one knows anything about these, not even my family dr.  From the surgeons reaction, I dont think they really worry much about benign phyllodes.


    Make sure you tell the radiologist about the other lump youve found.  Hopefully theyll do extra imaging.  good luck :0