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Since it getting close for the time of my yearly mamogram. The place down here sent out a form letter stating I need to come in right now. I called to tell them I would now be able to come in now! I will call back after my doc appt to schedule on. I  got  told unless i dropped everything and go now im died. I told the lady give me your boss . She did not like it and tried to tell her boss I was refusing a mamogram i was not I told the boss to listen to the tape and you would hear I am not refusing. After the one I will be able to get a normal screening mamogram. I ask her boss would they be able to take today meaning this pass fri I was told no and how sorry they were.


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    Wow that’s an awful service

    Wow that’s an awful service from them, who would tell some he/she’s dying if they don’t come right now, but I guess you scared her when you asked to talk with her boss, and her refusing is a sign that she regret what she said.

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    do you have any options of

    do you have any options of testing/ imagine locations ?