Learned an important lesson

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Hi there,

Two months ago, we were told my husband had colon cancer and the large 'mass' would have to be removed by surgery and chemo/radiation would be initiated if the tests showed that it had spread. Flash forward 2 months later, and it turns out he does NOT have colon cancer but had a large flat polyp that was removed via a colonoscopy by a procedure called EMR. The polyp showed no signs of cancer. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Fortunately, we will never have to see that first doctor again but unless a doctor is sitting in front of us holding results in his hands, I will never believe anything any of them say. I went through 2 months of hell and worry as I watched my husband go through multiple tests and 3 colonoscopies in 5 weeks, all the time thinking he had cancer. So it's fantastic news that it's not cancer but whew, glad it's over. :)

And I want to thank everyone here for your kindness, compassion and help over this time period. I so appreciate it and will keep you in my prayers.




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    I found it!

    My, you really were down the page. 

    So, I am happy to hear that your husbands diagnosis was a mistake, though a painful, stressful one. 

    Ack! Three colonoscopies in five weeks, that is a true nightmare. I had two in one month, and I spewed that drink all over the walls because it made me feel so sick.

    I hope that somehow you can learn and grow from the experience, and that it doesn't leave too bad a taste in your mouth (or, don't be upset forever at the Doctors). Sadly mistakes are made, thuogh it causes pain, it does happen.

    I do hope that your good feelings toward us, haven't been diminished by our overlooking your post. I truly feel bad that I had not replied.

    Time now for you and your hubby to move forward, Cancer free. What a joy!

    Thank you so very much for posting.


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    You should count your lucky stars, you had a close call, but all good news in the long run.

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    What a relief!  

    What did they say about a follow up colonoscopy? Next 1-2 years?

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    Make sure you keep on top of that. Glad to hear the good news.


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    Love Good News

    Sorry for all the trauma you two went through.  

    Please take the advise to stay on top of this.

    I don't remember you mentioning lab results?

    Once again, great news,