The dr postponed round 4 of Folfox.

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Hello everyone. I'm fairly new here. I read everyday though. I was in the hospital over the weekend. A month ago my Dr put me on an antibiotic for an infection in my port. The infection healed but right after round 3 got very sick with severe pain, diarreha and vomiting. I finally went to er and was dehydrated. They ran tests and found I had gotten c-diff. The pain was real bad. Anyhow, my Dr came in before I left yesterday and said no chemo Monday. I'm suppose to see him next week to decide if I'm ready to start again. My white blood count was 1.2 which he said is real low. My question after all that is will postponing  my  chemo mess up what has been done so far?


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    All is well, all is well

    Cancelling chemo happens to most of us at some point during treatment. I had mine cancelled three times. It won't make a difference to the cancer, it just means you will finish later, which is more a pyschological problem. I remember thinking 'In June I'll be finished' so I had to change that to July, which was worse on me that the cancer. 

    So, take a nice deep breath and concentrate on getting yourself completely well again. Be sure and get enough water and other fluids, to flush your system and keep you hydrated. 

    You will do well. 

    I am sorry that you had to go through the C-Diff. It sounds terrible. 

    Good luck and keep us updated