How long did you have blood in your urine after surgery

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Hi. I figure I'd ask the compatriots here a question that has been bugging me. I'm still seeing blood in my urine and some clots 13 days after Da Vinci robotic surgery on my left kidney 70% of the kidney was left. I!m a rare case in that the 3mm kidney stone that brought this all on is still stuck in my ureter. The surgeon put in a bypass stent but I'm wondering if my little friend could be causing the continued bleeding. I've lost 12 lbs in 13 days but gather from Y'all that appetite swings are to be expected.

Thanks, Rangerk.




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    Blood in urine



    For me there was no blood n the urine after surgery other when after the catheder was removed. I assume it is related to your kidney stone, but check with your doctor on that.



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    Hi. I had no blood in my urine after I had my kidney removed. I had a radical nephrectomy.

    You had a partial? There are some risks with partials that don't come with radical. You should be followed closely by your doctor. If you're not happy, get a second opinion. Some doctors can be slow to respond to complications of their own work. A second opinion never hurts.  A family member who is a doctor, told me that no good doctor should ever mind you getting a second opinion. I've kept this in mind whenever I haven't been happy and made sure to get second and even third opinions when I'm not sure what's happening.

    Stones can cause bleeding. I wonder why they put a bypass in instead of blasting the stone out? I shouldn't think with the bypass, anything should be going through your ureter where the stone is.

    You really need to pin your doctor down or get another opinion.

    I won't go into details, but I had a friend with a partial that had a complication and it took seeing another doctor for an opinion to get it solved. In my mind, he waited way too long for that second opinion. I think that's a lot of weight loss in a short period of time. I understand losing weight when you have the surgery, but 2 months later you should be on the mend and gaining it back.