Low Vitamin D levels

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I've been instructed to take a "D3" supplement of 5,000 IU/ Day - my levels are at 23 so they need to be raised. 

My question is - I was reading online at WebMD possible side effects and one of them has to do with the kidneys. Does anyone know anything about this or is this just an issue once levels are back up and normal and if I keep taking the supplement?




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    Vitamin D

    Two issues. I know most people my age and older that are close friends/family have been told to take vitamin D. My doctor said a couple of years ago that they had changed the standards and increased the amount recommended, but I also think they added a blood test for vitamin D level whereas they didn't used to do it (or have it).

    My vitamin D leve was quite low even before my cancer, but has seemed even lower afterwards. I'm taking 2,000 IU/Day and my level is about 38 at my last blood test, which was low but normal low. I've been taking this as a supplement for 2-3 years.

    On my last round of tests, my B12 was low. It wasn't below the bottom level, but the note on the report said that something like 10% of people with levels as low as mine might suffer various psychological problems, and so I decided to take a supplement of that as well. Now I'm taking a daily multivitamin.

    What side effect did you see that had to do with the kidneys? Missing a kidney can lead to anemia (the kidneys are somehow involved with communicating with bone marrow for the replacement of red blood cells, and removing one seems to affect that), but I don't know what Vitamin D has to do with kidney function, or if it hurts kidneys. I remember that Vitamin D is not excreted and that's why you have to be careful and not take too much. It can build up. (It's one of those fat soluble vitamins that can build up in the body).  I'd be interested in hearing what Vitamin D has to do with kidney function, or if it's hard on the kidneys (too much or too little).


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    Vitamin D and Kidneys' Role

    I thought this article does a good, basic job of explaining the kidneys' role in processing Vitamin D. It appears that having half as much kidney as you're supposed to have could have effects on available Vitamin D in the body. I hope taking a supplement like we're taking helps. I'm going to look into what they are testing for in the blood test to see if they are looking pre-kidney processing or post-kidney processing.