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I'm taking the papaya extract for my low platelets, let's see how it does.  Good to hear it's good for killing cancer cells as well. I took Tumeric my first chemo round. I just reintroduced it. I eat lots of garlic.  ONC said that he has found that people, taking supplements have a more energy.  He also said if it's a natural supplement that you eat, he is fine with me taking it. He also wants me to take a baby aspirin daily, which I did the first time also. I was NED for over 3 years. 


Supplements I'm going back on. 


Vitamin d3


Aspirin Baby 

Vitamin C


Milk Thistle


Powder Greens

immune booster

Perma clear

Papaya extract

starting cannabis for 90 days, work up to a gram of oil a day





shots of wheat grass


rarely eat meat






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    The supplements I take are: fish oil, resveratrol, grape seed extract, curcumen,Co-Q-10, asprin,multi-vitamin,and

    vit. D3. That along with lots of exercise, Mediterranian diet, and avoiding stress has kept me NED for over 5 yrs.