A flat polyp

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Hi there,

Anyone had experience with a flat polyp?

My husband had his second colonoscopy to see what the first doctor saw and it is a 'flat polyp'. His CT scan is clear and the first set of biopsies that the other doctor took, were benign. This doctor took more biopsies but was not able to remove it - not sure why - but the first doctor called it mass or tumor. It didn't show up on the CT scan, so I think the second doctor thought it was small and he could remove it but was unprepared for it being a flat polyp. The nurse said they will have to inject it with saline to raise it in order to snip it out.


So - we have an appt. on Tuesday to see the second doctor. He is having a meeting with colleagues to discern the best way to remove it without surgery.




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    Poor man!

    Sounds like allot of bottom probing to me, plus drinking that awful clean-out goop. 

    I've never heard of a flat polyp. 

    Will think of him next Tuesday. 

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    Flat polyps


    Maybe this will help you, it's on the Mayo Clinic website. 

    Best wishes,


    Once surgically managed, large, flat colorectal polyps are now safely and

    effectively treated endoscopically—most

    commonly with endoscopic mucosal



    Endoscopic Mucosal Resection

    Today, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) is

    the treatment of choice for large, flat, and sessile

    colorectal lesions (Figure 2). It may be performed

    using electrocautery or cold snare excision, with

    or without lifting agents such as saline and

    hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

    Lifting agents create a cushion between the

    base of the polyp and healthy tissue, making

    removal easier and reducing the risk of perforation.

    Mayo Clinic researchers are currently doing

    studies comparing snares and injectates to see
    whether a particular combination facilitates

    better removal.

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    flat ployp

    hi, i just had a friend diagnosed with primary colon cancer and primary lyphoma oringinating in the colon.  the thing is the cancer in the colon is a flat lesion.  this is the first i heard of this also.  his is called malt lymphoma. not sure if this could be of any help