My brain is "unremarkable"....

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Normally I'd be offended by that.

But, in the context of looking for mets - I'll gladly take it.

I had my first post-op brain scan on Wed.  Picked up my results on Thurs.  Why does reading comprehension go to zero when you're anxiously reading your first results?  From hanging around here - I was actully scanning the page for "NED."  

First PET scan next week.  Fingers crossed.

MD Anderson in Houston agreed to see me - headed to the heat and humidity of Texas on 6/12 for a full work up.  

Inasmuch as I have pathologist friends at the local medical school - I'll have the strangest carry-ons ever.  Over 100 slides with various stains and bio-markers of my kidney as well as some of some of my actual kidney tissue on ice.  Should be a fun interaction with TSA...

Some people carryon external hard-drives.  I'll have an external kidney!

Very much enjoying the support, wisdom, knowledge and caring here.  Thank you for the warm welcome.  It's good to feel so "at home" so quickly amongst strangers.


  • danbren2
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        Isn't it funny after hearing Cancer as a diagnosis, that hearing "unremarkable brain" can put a smile on our faces 10 miles wide! Hope the tests just keep getting better and better!

                             Prayers of good health to us all!