Reasons why surgery is not an option??

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Hi all. My best friend was diagnosed about 5 months ago. At the time he was told his cancer was stage 1 and he has been on several different drugs since then to help contain the cancer. Yesterday he went in for a check-up and found out that his cancer is progressing and he's now considered stage 2. His doctor told him he will have to try 4 different drugs before resorting to chemo and radiation. I have very little information about this type of cancer but I've been researching all day and it seems to me that surgery is the most common form of treatment. My friend is not one to talk about his struggles and he prefers not to mention the "C" word at all. I was just wondering if anyone could give some insight as to why his doctors would not give him the option of surgery? Also, if anyone has useful resources for finding a doctor for a second opinion I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks :)


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    I really think that your friend should find another doctor.

    If a person is told that they have cancer, it is imperative that they get early diagnosis and treatment.

    His cancer should never be left to develop into stage two without any treatment.

    Urge your friend to seek a new professional ASAP.

    I hope this helps.

    Wishing you well.